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Jaguary C & D Type Rally 2008

Tucked in for the night in Bisbee, AZ

Made it…just pulled back into Terry’s place. What a trip!

The pre-grid at Terry Larson’s home


Mr. Mittler preparing the waterproof bag of goodies.

John Breslow and Najeeb Khan in John’s XKSS

At last…the D-Type is mine for a stretch of AZ pavement


Jaguar owners love the old west too…a quick stop to the OK Corral

(Jim) Look at my hand (Bart) steady as a rock…..Blazing Saddles 1974

Christian from Switzerland in his C-Type!


Bob Bailey and Adam in the C-type and looking for trouble!

Still looking for trouble, I think he’s in the foreground!

Found trouble…thunderstorms, oh well, that’s rallying.

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