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Links To Other Adventurers' Writings

Great American Run
Great American Run

Colorado Grand
Colorado Grand

Peking To Paris
Antoine De Hullu

Bohodar And Andrew Mykytowych

Gerry Acher and Martin Read

Jean Steinhauser and Anne Collard

Kit Constable Maxwell

La Adventura Panamericana

Michael Power and Anthony Malcom-Green

Michel Laarman and Antonius Poelsma

Neville Jord and Bruce McIlroy

Nigel Challis and Mike Pink

Pamela Reid and Nicola Wainwright

Penny and Geoff Rawlings

Peter Livanos/Bruce Blythe and Ioannis Katsaounis/Franco Lupi

Rob van den Berg/Olaf Pothoven

Tim Franey

Tim Scott and John Taylor

Tony Crew/Rollo Malcolm-Green

Wilhelmus Van Gemert

William Erickson and Steven Dole