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August 3, 2007
Forgot to mention that I was stopped today by the police just west of Vegas. As we made our excuses the cop kept saying "tell it to the judge". But he finally kicked us loose without a ticket. I had been going quite a bit faster a couiple of minutes earlier, but had slowed done because Donnie Gould had called me. Thanks, Donnie!!. I had been following the Carrera GT and he was doing 140 mph prior to the phone call.

August 3, 2007
I had some work done on the Porsche we keep in Colorado, so the garage delivered it to the hotel and mason drove it up to our house on the way thru on I 70.
Although the scenery was beautiful today, it was another day of all freeway driving. Boring!!!!. I think the organizers really missed with the route. We arrived in Vegas last night and had a late dinner on the top of the Stratushere building. Great views of Vegas at night. Played a little Blackjack and won $75.
We drove to L A today. All Freeway again. Boring. We stopped at Willow Track and did some track time which was fun.
We are in L A and have a black tie dinner tonite. I think the organizers really missed what could have been alot of fun.
The people and the cars were great, but the rally was not.

August 3, 2007
The drive to Denver was boring. all freeway. One guy got 3 tickets . another 2 in 90 seconds. The cops were out in force. Another late dinner and off to Vegas in the morning.The drive to Denver was boring!

July 29, 2007
Drove to New York City to the Tavern on the Green to start the rally. Mason couldn't make it from Nantucket because of weather. He finally made it to Indianapolis on Monday afternoon, having traveled all over the east coast to get there. I was going to drive the first leg alone from New York to Indy. Kato Kaelin is doing some kind of TV Thing about the rally and ended up riding with me. We left NYC about 6:30 Sunday night and arrived in Indianapolis about 8:30 Monday morning. Kato is a pretty cool guy, not at all like he was portrayed during O J's trail. WE left New york City going north up to Kingston, then over to Margretville in the Catskills and down to Rte 17 to I-81 down to Scranton the west to Indy. I was pretty sleepy in the middle of the night so Kato took over and droive for awhile. Unfortunately we drove thru the Catskills in the dark and were not able to see much. A couple of crews got tickets from the New York State Police. Not much of a sense of humor. We took off this morning on a fast moving drive to Tulsa. I think at least 12 crews got tickets, one guy for 129 mph in a 70 zone. We had police shadowing alot of the crews during the day and at one point a helicopter over head. I think they will be really gunning for us as we leave Tulsa in the morning. We traveled only on freeways today so it was not too exciting except for the speed. There are a # of different cars on the rally from Porsche GTs to Ford GTs to Rolls to a 1.7 million Bugatti. and a lot of Saleen Mustangs. We are suposed to average 61 miles per hour. The winner of the overall rally will win a new Saleen Mustang. We are not sure how accurate the score keeping is. I think we are the only Aston Martin on the rally. Another group left at the same time from Miami and will meet us in Las Vegas, then we will all drive to L A together on Friday.
Tomorrow we drive to Denver. This is a cake walk compared to the P2P rally.