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November 4, 2007
We were up early 5 A M. to get our three cars ready to leave from Hyde Park. The three are a 1903 Ford, a 1904 Rambler, and a 1904 James and Brown that Buck had bought the night before at the Bonhams auction. The James and Brown had carburetor problems and never got out of Hyde Park, I was driving the Rambler and got about 5 miles out of Hyde park before we had problems and had to withdraw. Last we knew Buck was well on his way to Brighton in the Ford, which is supposed to be, at 40 mph, the fastest, 1903 Ford anywhere.

Anyhow, we are awaiting word from Buck as to how he made out.

There is always next year.


November 4, 2007
Saturday part of Regent street was closed off and about 100 cars participated in a concour. What a crowd. I have never looked very closely at cars this old, but did Saturday. They are fascinating. Saturday night a reception for participants was held at the Royal Automobile Club. The building and furnishings are over the top. There a a lot of murals showing venues with members and their cars. Hugh and Julie Brogan joined us for the festivities on Saturday and were also impressed by the club.

November 3, 2007
It has been an interesting week in London. I Bought a 1931 Delage at the RM Auction because I thought it was inexpensive and have already turned it over to a dealer in London to sell for me. Thursday I hired a a car and driver and went a couple of hours north to look at some cars. I picked up Hugh Brogan, who is back early from an India rally because he broke both his arms in an accident. We visited a couple of dealers and looked at a 1931 Lagonda and three Alvis’. But haven’t purchased any.

Buck Kamphausen, a collector from California and a partner in RM, invited me to participate in the London to Brighton run for pre 1905 cars. There will be between 500 and 600 cars in the rally. More later.