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Kiko Villalon visited on 12/18/2006 at 8:47:51 PM
Jim, I was wondering about the trip. You told me about it at IBEX, the pictures are great but the text is difficulot to read or I don't know where to switch to English or Spanish... Dutch is hard. We just got back to Miami after 4500 miles sail to maine and back. See you in Miami, save date 2-15-07 for Maria's Chinese Party, will write more about it.

John visited on 12/12/2006 at 9:01:54 PM
Please remove my home phone number from the china journal entries. It is listed twice. I was assisting Lindy and Bernard during that time. John Bagazinski

Barb and Steve Wiley visited on 12/8/2006 at 2:42:49 PM
I think we probably soaked in the same springs below Arenal when we were there a few years ago, and saw the same warning signs. We didn't see much volcanic action, but Kate, Matt and I did take a quick jog beyond the warning signs. We went pretty fast. Barb neither approved nor participated. I don't think you missed much in San Jose, although we enjoyed staying there a few days. We thought the Pan American Highway back from Arenal was pretty poor, and the Costa Rican drivers were daring passers around blind corners. You may have found a rougher way back. See you in a few days. Barb and Steve

Ken Visser visited on 12/6/2006 at 9:27:55 AM
Wow! What an adventure. I guess these are not roads to take your D type on! Safe journies and Happy Holidays Ken Visser

Peggy Taylor visited on 11/30/2006 at 9:12:50 PM
Hi Jim and Leejun, Rick and I just returned from a week on Cortes Island. It snowed! And another week of snow and ice--and no power--on Whidbey. I'm assuming you're having quite a different weather experience! It sounds like you're having a great time! Much love, Peggy

herb chesbrough visited on 11/27/2006 at 2:52:40 PM
Happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to the pictures.

bruce cohen visited on 11/19/2006 at 7:45:42 AM
Ola mi amigo. Por espanol, marque dos. That's the extent of my Spanish expertise. Hope yours includes 'where's the bathroom' and 'which way to Nicaragua.' Have a great time.

herb chesbrough visited on 11/15/2006 at 2:51:30 PM
Don't drink the water!

Ellis Gershon visited on 11/14/2006 at 10:28:15 PM
Hi Jim, Best of luck and have a great time on this trip. Hay I thought you were going to take me with you this time, or are you waiting for the China run? Ellis

kait taylor and liz shepherd visited on 11/14/2006 at 8:46:56 PM
BIG JIM SPORTSCAMPER!!!!! Liz and I are sitting on our couch in our tiny little new york city apartment and wishing we were there with you! The driving looks like its been awesome so far and the scenery is amazing! Hope you and Leejun are having tons of fun and send Bob and Thelma my love. Liz wants to meet you so you have to come to nyc soon to see us! I miss you and I can't believe you are on another 7,000 mile road rally. Africa seems like yesterday. Miss you Dad! love, Kait and Liz

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