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Steve Wiley visited on 11/14/2006 at 8:44:19 AM
Jim and Leejun, I left you a note earlier, which appeared right after Herb's, but it seems to have disappeared. I hope your computer has not been trained to spam email from lawyers. We envy you the scenery and certainly the weather. It is about 45 and rainy here. Some of the driving looks a little tedious. Leejun, I will be curious to see if you get any offers to rent Jim. Barb and Steve.

Sharon visited on 11/13/2006 at 9:26:56 AM
I am catching up with the journals and pictures this morning. The pictures are great and journals are very interesting. Just read the story about the 18 wheel tanker truck, have a safe journey!

S/S Jamieson visited on 11/12/2006 at 6:03:27 PM
Hi Guys--We are following your trip and it sounds great. Hope you have a wonderful time! Stuart and Sheri

Ellie visited on 11/11/2006 at 12:44:15 PM
Hi Guys - the photos and journal are great. I would really like that climate Leejun, even if it is hot. I think the cactus are beautiful. Have a great time. El

John De Fiore visited on 11/10/2006 at 7:35:31 PM
Wow! I just read about the trip, and the rules and regulations. I thought this was going to be a easy trip but it sounds like quite the challenge. I hope you have a big gas tank in that Rover. I think you're gonna need it. Have a great time! JD

Cole Zeh visited on 11/8/2006 at 3:38:49 PM
Hi Car Grandpa and Leejun-- I have been looking at your trip with help from mom. Have fun driving your car. Don't drive too fast and race. I like to dress up as a policeman at school now. If you drive too crazy and fast I'll have to pull you over. Leejun, have fun with Grandpa. Do you miss your car garage and cars? Do you miss your yellow horse and house? Do you miss Cole Zeh? I just turned 4 and had my birthday party. I like to play my new guitar. Thank you for bringing it to me. I really like my new baby brother. I miss and love you. Now I have no more stuff to say. Love- Cole (as told by him...)

margaret visited on 11/8/2006 at 2:57:17 PM
Very nice site! :-)

• margaret

gregor fisken visited on 11/8/2006 at 9:51:43 AM
Hi Jim wishing you guys all the best for your trip.stay safe and have fun! Hope you enjoy the old buick on your return! Regards Gregor

Barbara  visited on 11/8/2006 at 3:07:15 AM
Dear Jim and Leejun, Hope you are having a great time....looks like a fun trip...we like following your adventures! Love, Barbara, Eugene and Laura Ellen

Paul Elwood visited on 11/7/2006 at 5:04:17 PM
Jim, Once again it was good to spend some time with you and the others in Charleston and reminisce. We will be following your upcoming adventure. Best of luck and take care. Paul

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